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Bagby Garage

117,000 SF, nine-level parking garage

Project Location:
Houston, TX
Market Sector:
Office Location:
Scouts Square Properties; Deccan Developments
SIR Architects

Built in the heart of Midtown Houston, the Bagby Parking Garage is nestled between an existing condominium complex on two sides and busy pedestrian streets on the other. These constraints required complex foundations and on-site storm detention. TheMEP systems in the nine-level garage were design/built to incorporate not only the core systems such as storm drainage and fire protection, but also infrastructure for a restaurant on Level One, which included 8,000 grease trap, combination water vault and dedicated electrical service. The project was further complicated by the 7200v electrical power lines along Pierce Street, barely over ten feet away from the structure as it was erected.

Across the street, the old two-story Boy Scout Building was converted into a mixed-use complex by adding a third level to the structure, updating the façade with new glazing, plaster and metal panels and completely replacing the aging infrastructure with new electrical service, chiller, boiler, exhaust, make-up air, storm drainage, restrooms and stairs. Also, a new elevator tower and basement expansion were added onto the front of the building.

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