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Logica North American Headquarters

16,477 SF interior build-out

Project Location:
Houston, TX
Market Sector:
Office Location:
Logica North America; Simmons Vedder Partners
Powers Brown Architecture

The scheme for this security-oriented digital design/software company relies on a uni-surface wall that unites the space while simultaneously creating specific zones and articulation between functional work families. The organic form of the wall is carefully choreographed to react to the verities of the existing shell building skin. The compression and relief created between the exterior envelope and wall is the key in creating static work spaces and kinetic circulation connections. Each work function is established by circular overhead lighting clouds and metaphorically interconnected by direct pathways expressed as wood-planked circuits. The black ceiling emphasizes the form of the wall. The wall, a shine finish white Venetian plaster, acts as a scaffold as well as spatial organizer. It is conceived as datum on which a clip system of custom-designed bamboo millwork accommodates flex-use hotel desks, bench seating, task lighting and accent brand lighting. Coves are created in the wall zone to allow for intimate conversation lounges and work areas. The support functions are located within the wrapped core area. They include the employee welfare areas such as café and coffee bars and functional spaces such as IT/server rooms, mail and processing spaces.

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