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About Us

Sir Edmund Hillary said that people do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. Harvey works for those kinds of people. We hire those kinds of people. And we create spaces for those kinds of people.

We are Building Greatness

Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is a full-service general contractor. Our true mission is creating relationships that lead to spaces where great things happen.

When David E. Harvey, Sr. and Gerald D. Hines started Harvey Construction Company in 1957, the majority of the work was commercial office and retail facilities. Harvey pioneered new ways to do tiltwall construction; the projects got larger, more complex, and more diverse. David Harvey, Jr. and Joe Cleary assumed ownership of the firm in 1987. Today, our clients hire us to construct a diverse range of project types. The common denominator is our clients’ passion to create something of merit.

There is a value proposition in every project. The Harvey differentiator is our ability to crystalize that unique value. Dollars are one common measure but rarely is it the primary end goal. Be it a 10,000 SF community center or a 1,000,000 SF corporate campus, every project has significant relevance for the client behind it. Our clients have come to rely on us for our ability to assess a project holistically and clearly outline the big picture – what the project needs to achieve, in quantitative and qualitative terms.

We own the project big picture and assume the responsibility to make it happen. Harvey is unique among commercial contractors in that we assign one team to a project from start to finish. There’s no separate estimating department. The same people who provide preconstruction services are there for the project duration. Our clients know exactly where the accountability resides at every step along the way. On our end, this provides greater ownership for our teams – one client, one project, one expected outcome.

It’s this single-team accountability that also fuels our staff’s passion, the opportunity to make our clients’ visions come to life. Our people are problem solvers, constantly looking for ways to improve the way we build, how we use new products, and ultimately, how we deliver on the value promise. Many builders talk about innovation as merely the application of the newest technology. Yes, we keep up with technology, but at Harvey, innovation is the constant pursuit of how we make our overall process better and safer.

There is a “war story” behind every building ever built. Regardless of the specific issue or who was at fault, the question is, “Did the contractor make it right?” Harvey will always make it right. Our business is to build great buildings. We’re more concerned about building lasting relationships. These relationships are the true greatness we’re building because we believe construction is a People business. The people we work for and the people who use the spaces we create are the center of everything we do.

Thank you for your time to learn more about us.

David Harvey, Jr. & Joseph A. Cleary, Jr.

We Want You!
We Want You!

We’re always looking for awesome people to add to our team.

Partner With Us!
Partner With Us!

Trades, are the heart of our projects. Build greatness with us.


How do we build some of the country's most complex buildings? Teamwork.

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We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.