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Acting with integrity always is a core Harvey | Harvey-Cleary value.

Do the Right Thing 

Acting with integrity always is a core Harvey | Harvey-Cleary value. We feel it’s even more important when working with our non-profit clients. These entities are the essence of the communities where we work and live. We do whatever it takes to serve them so they can serve others.

Setting the Budget

Budget is often the primary concern with our non-profit clients. We understand that every cent of capital expenditure is critical. Raising the funding to construct a facility can be a challenge, never mind the funding to operate and maintain the facility. That’s why quality can never be compromised, regardless of budget. Every decision Harvey makes, from the subcontractors we select to the materials we source, is made to ensure the facility is built to last and run efficiently. Whether the budget is $500,000 or $5 million, we help our non-profit clients achieve their goals.

Project success starts on day one. Setting up a job properly at the very beginning is key to minimizing change orders for projects of any scale. Phased construction is one way clients manage cash flow when building and expanding. Whether Harvey is the builder for only the first phase or for the fully planned build-out, we are committed to our clients for their lifetime in the buildings we build. This is why we view ourselves as a true partner with our clients and the full project team. When we understand the long-term vision, we provide the plan to build it, within the budget and on schedule.

Building Long-Standing Partnerships

Even when organizations choose another builder, we value the opportunity to present our ideas for upcoming projects. Not all builders are alike. Non-profits can find value in assessing the different approaches to project delivery, the different methods for managing budget and schedule, and the varying views on how quality is measured. We are always ready to assist non-profit organizations plan and build for their futures.


How do we build some of the country's most complex buildings? Teamwork.

Our Projects

We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.

A Word From Our Client

Texans for Lawsuit Reform
“The Greater Houston Partnership is an organization with ties back to the first Chamber of Commerce in Houston and over 150 years of business community commitment to our region. We were never short of big ideas, and even during the early stages of the project, Harvey worked with us and the rest of the project team to make sure each idea was thoroughly considered. Over the six-month build, Harvey’s team consistently worked with high energy and, importantly, a focus on safety.” ​Lilyanne McClean Texans for Lawsuit Reform Former Executive Vice President, Greater Houston Partnership