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Technology has driven immense efficiency in the construction process and promises even more future improvement.

Tools of the Tradesmen

We are builders. Technology is a means to an end for us. Technology has driven immense efficiency in the construction process and promises even more future improvement. At Harvey – Harvey | Cleary we are committed to investing in the technologies that will benefit our clients. We invest only in what will make the building process better or safer, not in the shiniest new app or gadget.

We employ the tools clients have come to expect – Building Information Modeling (BIM), drone and 360° photography, model-based estimating, photometric planning, and the list goes on. Again, these technologies are a means to an end for our projects; when these technologies will yield a valuable outcome, we integrate them seamlessly into our preconstruction, construction and safety processes.


True to our partnering mentality, we rely on the expertise of the design team and our subcontracting partners to develop their respective models. We manage the process to integrate the models and ensure buildability. Clients and architects commonly request our early involvement due to the value our preliminary budgeting brings to each project. Even during schematic planning, we are able to use design models for materials fabrication planning. With clash detection available so early, time and again we’ve caught major issues that could be solved with redesign rather than a rework on site.

Project Management

We use Procore for project management. Here again, while the tool may be common, Harvey’s integration of it into our process is not. Knowing the critical importance of communication for project outcomes, we are leveraging Procore for improved communication speed, tracking, and dissemination. Getting clients, project teams, and our subcontractors the information they need in real time enables smarter decisions more quickly.

Safety Management

To enhance our safety program we are integrating Triax Spot-r with Procore. This new wearable tech provides constant, live feedback for each worker using it on site. From a remote hub, we can easily notify staff who may have entered a restricted area; mustering everyone on site during an emergency is simultaneous from a single source; alerts are sent for anyone working at height who has gone inactive due to a potential fall.


Innovation is not synonymous with technology. At Harvey, innovation is constantly improving the way we build. Technology will never replace the expertise of our craftsmen. The technology doesn’t make the difference. It’s how we use it.

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A Word from Our Partner

Vice President
“We all strive to provide our clients with the best service possible. Every time Harvey comes to the table with us to deliver a project – I know it will be quality work, true collaboration and worry free.​” Melissa O'Neil, AIA Vice President Kirksey