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Oil, Gas and Energy

Oil, gas and energy clients are in a class of their own.

In a Class of Their Own

Their building needs are incredibly diverse, their safety protocols are among the strictest, and they work on global 24/7/365 schedules. Working with many of the leading companies and the up-and-comers, Harvey | Harvey-Cleary has the agility and adaptability to fulfill the goals behind these unique capital projects.

Envisioning Success

Our process starts with one question to the client – what does the success of this project look like? Even at the largest scale, a new campus, defining the paramount project goal in clear and concise terms is imperative for outlining the rest of the project. Many user groups may be impacted. The program may involve dozens of different components. Operational downtime may not be an option. When every priority seems like the highest, Harvey’s biggest benefit to clients comes with our early involvement and ability to guide the decision-making process.

Partnering with the Team

As a full-service construction partner, Harvey works directly with owners, developers, architects, and the engineering team to lead the project development process. After we crystallize the overarching goal and break it down into deliverables, we then review details with the design team. We understand the importance of maintaining the design intent and will do so in line with the project budget. Harvey can provide guaranteed budgets as early as schematic design. Again, by working as a full partnership with the whole team, we are better equipped to offer options and guidance when choices need to be made.

Our work on the ExxonMobil campus exemplifies a great partnership.

Partnership also means shared philosophy. The oil, gas and energy industry has more robust safety protocols than most others, certainly understandable given the dangerous nature of work performed in refineries and on rigs. We know these processes leave no room for flexibility, so we adapt our safety program to maintain compliance. And yet Harvey still has one of the best safety records in the construction industry. Our Total Recordable Incident Rate and Experience Modifier Rate are usually half of the industry average. Our clients do not compromise on safety, nor do we.

Our work on the ExxonMobil campus exemplifies a great partnership. Together with Gilbane Building Company, the extended design team, and the ExxonMobil leadership, we created a thriving 385-acre campus. It is a reflection of our client’s aspirations, the design team’s vision, and the craftsmen’s expertise.

“Check your ego at the door.”

We strive to create such partnerships with every client, design team, and labor leader involved on our projects. Interior finish-outs, central plant upgrades, parking garages, amenity buildings – whatever the scope or scale, a strong partnership yields better results. Our motto to meet the unique needs of oil, gas and energy clients is, “Check your ego at the door.”

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