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Engineers, architects, and contractors really can see eye to eye on the construction process.

Better Together 

We know because we’ve got plenty of each of them working at Harvey | Harvey-Cleary. We’re rooted in the belief that a well-rounded team provides the complementary expertise to a project that makes it greater than the sum of its parts. We’re also firm believers that it’s our people who make Harvey one of the top construction companies.

We Are Builders

We are builders; clients count on us for quality construction done on time and on budget. But construction really is a people business. Clients continue to hire Harvey because of our people. We look for the best and brightest from all affiliated industries. Skills can be taught. Attitude is innate. Our employees are passionate, hardworking, ethical, and adept problem solvers. This last trait is important because we empower all our people to do what’s necessary to make it right when problems occur. This ownership and authority are what bring out passion and pride in our work. It’s also what reinforces the sense of security clients get when choosing Harvey.

We provide regular in-house continuing education for all staff and we have a robust lessons learned program.

Professional Growth

We work hard to find the best employees and to keep them. New employees start with a three-year training program. We provide regular in-house continuing education for all staff and we have a robust lessons learned program. We also cross-train staff in multiple positions. A superintendent and project manager may not like swapping roles, but after walking a mile in another’s shoes, it’s much easier to understand how each role impacts the others. And it’s an important piece of professional growth.

Growing Through Work and Play

Our people are the backbone of our business; we conscientiously work to provide job enjoyment. Competitive pay is the easy part, but we know money doesn’t buy happiness. At Harvey, we strive for every employee to be fulfilled in their daily work, have a sense of purpose in their work, grow professionally, be able to give back to their community and be a part of a work family that grows together through work and play. Approximately one-third of Harvey employees have been at the firm for more than 10 years.

Diligently Respectful

The final difference that makes Harvey’s people stand out is respect. It starts in our office, with mutual respect for one another, regardless of role or title. It extends into the field with our subcontractors, the craftsmen we rely on, our partners. Respect for the full project team is unquestionable. Everyone’s voice must be heard and valued equally. Clients have our respect, not because of the fees we are paid, but because of the respect you show for us. We work diligently every day to earn that respect.

We are builders. We build relationships.

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We don't just build buildings; we build experts.

What Our Clients Say

Design Director
“Harvey Builders is a collection of quality people at all levels for whom I have a lot of respect. Getting high quality architecture designed and built requires talent and dedication to doing the job right. Harvey Builders brings those skills to the project.” G. Norman Hoover, FAIA Design Director Gensler