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Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is in constant investigation mode.

Worth the Investigation 

When working on these complex projects, Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is in constant investigation mode. We partner with project stakeholders early, sometimes years in advance, to assess the building needs from the inside out. We start at the proverbial heart of research projects, the equipment – the research equipment housed in the building, and the mechanical system to support it. Harvey’s distinct benefit to clients is our ability to analyze equipment needs and model the operational requirements.

Our Process is Transparent

Architects often involve us as early as schematic design to help develop the overall budget. Our process is transparent; we break down total cost into the main building components. We arm owners and architects with the details needed for decision making, “dollar communication” as we call it. MEP engineers view us as their partner to explore advances in mechanical systems and how to integrate them with the research equipment, which can sometimes impart other building systems. We know the symbiosis between every element of a research facility is critical to its success.

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Quality Subcontractor Base

Similarly, the symbiosis of the project team is paramount for these complex projects. This extends to the hands that give rise to the building. Quality and integrity dictate every decision made when working with our labor pool and subcontractors. Harvey is proud to employ a substantial base of direct labor. Together we know exactly how to deliver the specialized aspects of these projects, and together we innovate new processes to make delivery more efficient.

Your Trusted Advisor

There’s no template for building research projects. Each serves a distinct purpose. Each poses unique challenges. Harvey’s role on these projects is that of both builder and trusted advisor. We operate transparently, with the best interest of the project at heart. Candid communication with all team members is the strongest tool we employ to deliver successful results.


How do we build some of the country's most complex buildings? Teamwork.

Our Projects

We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.

What Our Clients Say

Global Strategic Facility Planning & Portfolio Development
“Without a doubt, this project – at its incredible cost point and aggressive delivery schedule – would not have been possible without Harvey leading the efforts from day one.” Thomas Sonk Global Strategic Facility Planning & Portfolio Development Dow Chemical