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Residential and Hospitality

Innovation is a hallmark of our work in multifamily-residential and hospitality construction.

We Do Not Compromise

The line may be blurring between multifamily and hospitality projects. Amenities are increasing in both, but one thing remains the same for owners. We know speed to market is critical for both project types. Despite the old cliché, “Time, cost, quality – pick two,” Harvey | Harvey-Cleary does not compromise.

Innovation is a hallmark of our work in multifamily-residential and hospitality construction. When it comes to scheduling, we rely on our deep experience in local markets to plan around the respective permitting, inspection, and occupancy timelines. Where phased occupancy is allowed on high-rise projects, we focus our attention on the base and lower levels to get occupants in as quickly as possible. We use unique techniques to mitigate the impact of the construction.

Pushing the Design Envelope

As amenities are setting projects apart, our clients continue to push the design envelope. They rely on Harvey to make even the most unique features possible. Market Square Tower, proclaimed by the owner as the “gold standard for extraordinary living”, includes a cantilevered pool 500 feet above street level. In our role as a project partner, we worked with the full design team to develop a construction solution from concept to completion. That’s true innovation, introducing a new method to build a first-of-its-kind rooftop pool.

"Commercial Residential" Quality

Beyond the amenities, quality differentiates the level of work required by our clients. Inside and out, Harvey operates with a mindset of delivering a “commercial residential” quality standard. Manifest in both the smallest details to the largest format finishes, Harvey always delivers results within the project schedule and budget parameters.

Our Projects

We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.

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