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We are a construction company. We build buildings and spaces that are changing the world, buildings where great things are happening. Our clients dream big. At Harvey | Harvey-Cleary we thrive in our role of making those dreams come true.

Quality First, Value Always

Sure, that may sound a little corny. But it’s the mindset of every Harvey employee. It’s pride of work. It’s a drive to achieve the end result that meets the owner’s expectations. Harvey’s robust preconstruction process clearly defines those expectations. As we move into construction, we rely on our staff’s knowledge, experience, quick thinking, and problem-solving. Under the leadership of a dedicated superintendent, Harvey is ultimately responsible to ensure we deliver the highest quality of work, maintain the safest site possible, and mitigate all aspects of the owner’s risk.

Quality is not something we consider to be subjective. It is a clear, established baseline for every project we do. Every Harvey staff member knows the expectation and is held to it. There is the quality that can be seen in deliverables, like clarity and completeness of our documentation and reporting, and expert craftsmanship of the built project. And then there is the quality in how we interact with each other and all those on the project team. We abide by the golden rule, to treat others as we wish to be treated.

Valuing our Subcontractors

We share this level of respect with our subcontractors. We consider them our partners, valued for the respective expertise each brings to the project. We encourage them to view themselves as part of a bigger team, to be creative problem solvers, and to take ownership of their role. We’ve developed excellent relationships with major subcontractors in all the markets we serve. And it’s one of the biggest values clients receive, evident in the quality of the finished project.

During construction clients also get the priceless value of peace of mind that comes from strong management on site. Harvey superintendents conduct weekly site meetings to cover all aspects of upcoming work. Change orders are not the way we operate. We know no project is perfect, we address issues before they are problems.


Safety is another constant on site, as it must be. Harvey has one of the best safety records in the construction industry. Our Total Recordable Incident Rate and Experience Modifier Rate are usually half of the industry average. It’s yet another way we mitigate client risk.

We love what we do and have fun doing it. All of us at Harvey believe our work has the power to positively impact communities. We embrace our clients’ visions and are as proud of the relationships we build with them as the projects we build for them.


How do we build some of the country's most complex buildings? Teamwork.

Our Projects

We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.

A Word From Our Client

Senior Managing Director
“The Harvey-Cleary team presented a well thought out, detailed construction plan that was obviously developed by seasoned professionals who had the experience to anticipate and avoid construction problems. In my 45 years of design and construction management, I have never worked with a General Contractor who worked so well as a team player, with a genuine interest in the Owner’s project needs, including regular participation in Owner meetings to build confidence with The Board and all employees. Based on the team alone, Harvey-Cleary Builders was a very comfortable Owner’s choice. When they turned out to be the reasonably priced low bid, The Bar and QDC were delighted.” Jay J. Bothwell Senior Managing Director Savills