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Just as breathing and walking are second nature, construction safety is inherent in the Harvey | Harvey-Cleary DNA.

Safety at Every Second

Safety happens the moment a person enters a Harvey site and every second until exiting. From the seemingly mundane protocols like proper shoes for visitors to the highly dangerous like correct harnessing when working at elevated heights, Harvey leads by example to set the standards and actively practices construction site safety without exception.

Safety Training

Safety training is the foundation of our program, backed by constant communication. Yes, our approach is incredibly simple, which is why it works so well. All Harvey direct labor and every subcontractor we allow on-site must submit proof of OSHA training. Beyond this mandatory minimum, Harvey conducts monthly training. And thanks to a strong relationship with OSHA, their experts often help present to our teams.

Complacency Kills Mindfulness

Hence our focus on frequent and routine safety communications with everyone actively building our projects in order to keep safety top of mind. We conduct weekly safety talks and provide briefs on specifics pertaining to the project. We’ve found interactive demonstrations to be particularly effective to reinforce safety basics. One game pitted contestants against each other in a race to tie their shoes – without using their thumbs. Keeping safety top of mind is not rocket science. It’s everyday effort and repetition.

Safety Database

How do we know when certain training is needed? We maintain our own database of recordable incidents, safety observations, and rendered first aid for our direct labor and everyone working on site. This allows Harvey to stay abreast of what’s trending in the field so we can respond accordingly and while issues are occurring. To be clear, Harvey is not the safety police. We are builders, it’s our responsibility to maintain the safest work site possible. With hard data as a predictive model, we’re able to implement appropriate follow-up. 

We incentivize workers in several ways, from catered luncheons to financial awards.

Harvey believes in carrots and sticks to enforce safety protocols. We incentivize workers in several ways, from catered luncheons to financial awards. Accountability is an effective stick. During our safety meetings, safety offenders discuss the offending action and the correct alternative. Egregious safety offenses result in being removed from the site for the day or potentially longer.

Safety Records

The data backs up our claim; Harvey has one of the best safety records in the construction industry. Our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) are usually half of the industry average. Our clients get both peace of mind and more competitive pricing since we pass along the savings we get in our insurance rates.


How do we build some of the country's most complex buildings? Teamwork.

Our Projects

We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.

What Our Clients Say

“I strongly recommend Harvey for any construction project requiring talented leadership, safe work practices and superior workmanship.” Larry Shelmire, ACPM Dow Chemical Company