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Corporate Office

It’s Harvey | Harvey-Cleary’s mission to give owners a place where their employees can achieve greater things than anywhere else.

Making the Workplace Work

The average American spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. That’s more than ten years. No wonder owners want to give their employees the best possible working environment. It’s Harvey | Harvey-Cleary’s mission to give owners a place where their employees can achieve greater things than anywhere else. We do this through early involvement, value-added service, and a powerful subcontracting base.

Unmatched Experience

In the past ten years alone, Harvey has built tens of million square feet of office space – everything from a 385-acre headquarter campus to a single level office building. The size does not matter; today’s office is all about quality. The concept of the corporate office has evolved greatly in the past decade. No longer is it just a vast space for workstations, today’s offices must have the amenities tenants and employees want. Thanks to our diverse clientele, Harvey has developed an expertise in the vast array of amenity programming and finishes. Similarly, many of our clients now consider the “office” as a mini-village to meet any need of the occupants – research labs, industrial zones, trading floors, daycares, fitness centers, healthcare, and global dining.

Our Process

Harvey gives owners one team, from preconstruction to completion, for both core/shell and interiors. It’s this team’s responsibility to intimately know every need and detail of the project at every milestone. We do this through deep involvement across the entire team, acting as a true partner. What does that partnership look like? Architects regularly involve us as early as programming, where we can work side-by-side to develop options that work within the budget. When preconstruction begins, we then have a jumpstart on the project schedule and ultimately can get underway faster.

Harvey’s involvement in programming also helps owners maximize their investment. The long-term success of an office building often hinges on its flexibility. Organizational structures change, workplace trends change, needs change – the office must be able to evolve with the owner. With our interiors expertise, we are able to integrate flexibility into the layout. This allows for easier future reprogramming and less costly renovation expense.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality of the finished building has everything to do with the craftsmen building it. We have worked hard over our 60+ year history to cultivate respectful and honest relationships with local subcontractors. We act with integrity in our work with them, and they return it by their loyalty to us and commitment to the projects we do together – good for both of us, even better for our clients.

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What Our Clients Say

Managing Director
“Hines set out to build the most technologically advanced and amenity rich, commercial office high rise in Houston, Texas. To insure the completion of this world class building, we hired Harvey as our general contractor.” Philip Croker Managing Director Hines