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Like the creative minds behind these successful ventures, we believe anything is possible.

Supporting Those Who Keep Austin Weird

For the edgy, eclectic and entrepreneurial, Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is ready to build your building better. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. thanks to the booming economy and strong tech start-up environment. Like the creative minds behind these successful ventures, we believe anything is possible. We don’t quit. We constantly strive to improve. We help clients small and large create their optimal places to live, work and play.

Since opening in 2001, our Austin office has grown alongside this vibrant city. The attribute local staff use to describe themselves is grit. It’s the perseverance to keep up with the constantly changing needs of our clients. It’s also a commitment to understanding the trends shaping the industries our clients serve. It’s a mindset to think differently and do whatever it takes to achieve the stated goals. In a local climate where innovation reigns, Harvey looks beyond standard project delivery to find what is best for the client and the project.

Putting Together the Puzzle

For one of our law firm clients, innovation came in the form of a giant puzzle. The architect designed an intricately detailed, contemporary wood ceiling to define the firm’s main lobby. Harvey worked directly with our local subcontractor to turn the design into a 3D drawing; we converted the ceiling into individual pieces, sized and labeled accordingly for the ceiling manufacturer. The manufacturer delivered the custom-sized, precut pieces to the site, where each was installed per the architect’s design, fitting together perfectly to form the finished ceiling.

Working With Our Partners

For other clients, we step in even earlier to assist with design. Thanks to our close relationships with Austin’s architectural community, we are trusted to provide guidance as early as the schematic design phase. We can develop a realistic budget with limited information, providing owners a view of all the expenses. With this “shopping list” owners can then determine exactly how to leverage the project budget. The architectural team benefits too; when decisions are made earlier it lowers the possibility of time and money lost to redesign.

Office Location

9020 N Capital of Texas Hwy
Building 2, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759
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How do we build some of the country's most complex buildings? Teamwork.

Our Projects

We are constructing spaces in which amazing things happen—breakthroughs, innovations, and insights.

A Word From Our Client

“In addition to the professionalism, experience, character, knowledge and processes that Harvey-Cleary continues to bring as they approach each project, Construction Services of Texas can state that every project that we’ve been involved with Harvey-Cleary over the last 15 years has resulted in success in all aspects that a project can be measured: Budget/Schedule/Safety/Quality.” Larry Wood President Construction Services of Texas