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Plan the work. Work the plan. This is the premise of preconstruction services.

Delivering Project Goals

Every competent builder completes budgeting, scheduling, and document review before starting active construction. Sounds straightforward, right? Be clearly advised – preconstruction varies WIDELY between general contracting firms. The time spent in preconstruction, getting into granular detail, is how Harvey | Harvey-Cleary optimizes the project budget, mitigates risk, and delivers on the project goals.

Essentials to Greatness

We believe the money for a project is spent in the design process. We also believe the way a building is constructed is essential to its greatness. The preconstruction process is how we ensure the design vision becomes a reality. Before the design come the dollars. Estimating, especially is the earliest phases, is a hugely beneficial expertise we provide for our clients. The “napkin sketch” is a real thing, and we’ve done estimates off of them. We’ve even provided estimates from only verbal project descriptions. These initial budgets are more like a shopping list to help owners with big decisions, but soon thereafter Harvey provides a guaranteed maximum price.

Safeguarding the Budget

Once the budget is confirmed, it’s our responsibility to safeguard it. We protect the budget by holding the design team accountable. This phrase is fraught with assumptions, very few of them positive. Harvey likes busting assumptions. Accountability isn’t a scorecard. We believe accountability, along with honesty, transparency, and integrity, is an inherent part of being a good partner. We also believe accountability must come from a place of respect. Every member of the team brings their respective expertise to the project, which must be considered, especially in matters pertaining to the budget. Accountability is not about being right or wrong. It is about creating the best environment for success.


We expect to be held accountable too. The architectural vision is non-negotiable. So the question is how to maintain the design intent throughout the preconstruction phase and stay within budget. Again, the solution is a partnership. We meet regularly with the full design team and owner representatives as we’re developing the construction documents. We ask a lot of questions. Like, will big ticket items like the mechanical system meet the operational needs? Are there alternate materials to achieve the desired aesthetic? Is there a cost savings between different structural systems? We look across Harvey’s broad portfolio of project types for cost-saving ideas that translate between industries.

No Surprises

With a clear view of the client goals, the Harvey preconstruction process yields initial guaranteed maximum pricing, life-cycle payback analysis, preliminary schedules, thorough documents and a full constructability review. Regardless of project type or size, we guarantee the highest level of rigor in preconstruction. Clients don’t want any surprises during construction, and neither do we.

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A Word from Our Client

“​Budget is always critical. I really appreciate that Harvey-Cleary doesn’t have a separate estimating department and that all their people are part of estimating. I get one team that stays with the whole project; if there’s ever a discrepancy about numbers, the same people who developed the original budget are there to defend the numbers.” Clairborne Williams Principal FD Stonewater